Weekly Tip: Find Stillness

Pickle Prep

Today as I entered my yoga studio for class, I mumbled – maybe a little too loudly – “Please do your magic today.” It was a desperate plea from my inner self to calm the heck down and stop the madness in my head. It was a request after a day of isolation – no, worse – a day of being surrounded by strangers and my children with no outlet, no buddy. It was an appeal to my higher self to work this funk out.

And it worked. Before the class had even started, in the fifteen minutes where we just lay on our mats, it started working. The moody-judy cloud in my head began to clear a little and when I thought about what my body needed, clear concise action items came forward. And by the end of class, when I was splayed out again on my mat it was clear what I needed to do.

1. I need more nourishment for breakfast and lunch. I’ve got this first world problem – kids’ swim practice from 11 – 1 each day. At 10:30am I am not thinking about lunch, but by 1:00pm we are all famished. This is an important meal that we’ve been phoning in for the past few days, and it is reflected in my cranky mood. I’ve got to do a better job of planning and eating a high quality meal for both breakfast (so I can make it until 1:00pm) and lunch. I need to not rely on snacks, because string cheese, fruit and a Lara Bar can replace a meal calorically, but doesn’t provide me enough nutrients.

2. I need to DO two scary things instead of THINKING about doing two scary things. SCARY THING ONE: I have been putting off trying out the masters swim team practice for six months now. It starts at 5:00am, so a night owl like me thinks that is insane. Also, I freak out about joining things. You can see how I haven’t quite made it yet. But I want to go so badly that it’s eating me up. Tomorrow. I’m going tomorrow. SCARY THING TWO: I want to ferment my own vegetables, and kefir, and yogurt, and mead! But I have a million excuses for not doing it, including I’ve never done anything like this before and the process seems mysterious and scary. Enough of thinking about it. Tomorrow I’m making pickles. Success or failure, at least I’ll be on the game board to learning how to do it.

3. I need to set up some play dates that are just covers for mom dates. I need my people to bear witness to the intensity of summer vacation and highs and lows of hanging out with kiddos most hours of the day. And speaking of dates, my hard-working husband and I could use one of those too.

This is where I ended up after finding stillness for just a few minutes. I came home, replenished with my favorite hydration smoothie, made a big chicken fajita salad and pulled out my swim suit and some mason jars. Feeling better already.

I am going to make a habit out of this. If you find me splayed out somewhere just know I’m looking for inner guidance for what to do next. What would your body tell you to do if you were still for a few minutes?



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6 thoughts on “Weekly Tip: Find Stillness

  1. I would/do tell myself to just breathe and do whatever the yoga teacher instructs. ( I love that in Yoga, I don’t have to: think. Make decisions. Or deal with any interruptions. I can just be…)

  2. I was just talking myself into making pickles today!!!! But first I need to make yogurt so I can have whey. And do you need grape leaves for the tannin so they stay crunchy because you know I’ve got those. And play dates! Me me MEEEEEEEE!

  3. Also I had the same nutrition a-ha moment yesterday about breakfast. I think whole milk and whole milk yogurt might be the key for me and my little peeps.

    • Swimming has been great! The early hour is terrible until I’m in the water, then I’m all good. I’d love to meet you Stacy! Are you in Sacramento?

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