Food for Thought: Weekend Revitalization Plan

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Next week I head out on a fun-filled four day camping adventure with my third grader’s class. It is going to be amazing, educational, and full-tilt engaging from daybreak until long after the sun has gone down. Very amusing to me, the menu for the week has been set by third graders. Let’s just say I will be eating very differently for the week. Life throws you a curve ball some times, and that’s okay. In fact, curve balls are necessary to build grit (one of my favorite characteristics). I will come home exhausted and depleted due to lack of sleep, windy/sunny weather, antics of 80 third graders, and lack of nutrients. Knowing myself as I do, I’m aware that this exhaustion and depletion are on the way. So what can I do about it? Make a list, of course! This list is intended to boss me around Friday night through Sunday – when I’m too tired to think straight, in order to minimize the “damage” and revitalize me once I return home.

Thinking about it, I realized that lots of us are exhausted and depleted for many reasons. Since creating a list like this can be overwhelming when we are in the middle of the exhaustion/depletion, I thought I’d share my simple list with the hopes that many of us might recharge and get our groove back sooner than later!

Weekend Revitalization Plan

Step One – Hydrate:  Drink a large glass (1-quart Mason Jar, anyone?) of water with lemon, Lemon-Orange “Aid,” coconut water, or a recovery smoothie each morning and afternoon upon my return.

Step Two – Rest: Do whatever it takes to sleep, uninterrupted for 8-9 hours for two nights in a row.

Step Three – Power Up: Amp up my consumption of fermented foods (Kefir and Greek yogurt are easiest for me) and take a probiotic supplement to rev up my gut and support my digestion and immune system.

Step Four – Detox: Reduce my chemical load. Enjoy big salads each day and cut out processed foods and refined sugars. Soak feet in a relaxing epsom salt bath with lemon, lavender or tea tree essential oils.

Step Five – Unwind: Get back to yoga (or any long stretching session).

Step Six – Connect: Make time to have authentic interactions with the people who ground and comfort me.

Step Seven – Decompress: Find time for quiet. De-screen. Reflect on what additional self-care is needed.

If I squeeze in a few loads of laundry and a trip to the farmers market, I should be good to go and ready to roll by Sunday night. How about you? What do you do to REVITALIZE? I’d love some new ideas for my list!


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