Turkey Soup Recipe Round-Up (and I’ve coined Turkey Stock Saturday – catchy right?)

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After Thanksgiving and Black Friday, how about Turkey Stock Saturday?

Your Mission should you choose to accept it: No Turkey Carcass Left Behind

As we finish up our pie and head towards our sweatpants on Thursday evening, let’s remember at least two things:

  1. Gratitude x 1,000.
  2. To put the turkey carcass in the refrigerator.

Then sometime over the weekend (I’m claiming Turkey Stock Saturday because it has a nice ring), throw those bones in a big pot with a bunch of water and simmer for 3-4 hours. For details, check out the Chicken Stock recipe and just sub the turkey for the chicken.

So then what? I’ve pulled together a round-up of eleven soup recipes I’m thinking about making with my stock for an easy weekend meal (with holiday music officially ON!)


Guess what, I pinned them all on Pinterest for you. Happy Turkey Stock Saturday, you can find them all at: Lean.Green.Kitchen on Pinterest

1. Gracious Pantry – Leftover Turkey Soup (obviously sub your turkey stock for the chicken stock on all of these recipes)

2. Recipe Girl – Creamy Mexican Turkey Soup (please don’t use vegetable oil or low-fat milk, sub butter or coconut oil and full fat dairy)

3. Liv Life – Garlicky Tortellini Turkey Soup (garlic is for winners)

4. My Kitchen Snippet – Wild Rice Turkey Soup (comfort food)

5. Taste of Home – Curried Turkey Soup (intrigued by the tart apple in this recipe)

6. Kitchen Concoctions – Spicy Tomato and Turkey Soup (who likes it spicy??)

7. Our Northern Homestead – Lemon Turkey Soup (sounds fresh! I’ve got lemons from a friend’s tree!!)

8. Batter Splattered – Turkey Chowder with Pancetta and Crimini (gorgeous)

9. My Crazy Deliciousness – Crock Pot Turkey Chili (without beans)

10. The Picky Palate – Hearty Ground Turkey Chili (with beans)

11. 100 Days of Real Food – Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (just sub turkey for the chicken)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend everyone! I am truly grateful for your support and readership this week and always. I’m checking out of the blog-o-sphere to go spend some quality time with my peeps. See you in December!

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