Summer Bucket List Challenge

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Summer is like a bowl of cherries. Sweet, fun and gone too soon.

I love lists. And summer break, which is days away for my kiddos and – thus by default – me. [Insert cart wheel – happy dance here.] So it should come as no surprise that I’ve created my Summer Bucket List to challenge myself to make sure the next few hot months don’t pass by as a complete blur with nothing interesting to show for them. The act of writing something down often manifests in said thing actually happening, so I encourage you all to join me in putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). Play along and see if you can add in some enriching life experiences this summer!

Summer Bucket List Challenge: Create Your Summer Bucket List.

1. List one thing that fascinates you.

2. List one thing that scares you but would be totally awesome.

3. List one thing that would make your daily life so much better.

4. List one thing that is all about self-care.

5. List one thing that would make a difference to someone else.


For example: Jenn’s Summer Bucket List:

1.  Learn more about fermenting my own foods. Practice.

2.  Do yoga (even just one move) on a paddle board.

3.  Make all my own house cleaning products and deep clean the house.

4.  Read for pleasure every day.

5.  Write a real letter every week. Then send it!


Do you accept the challenge? Please share your Summer Bucket List in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Challenge

  1. 1. My husband…thinking about trying to figure him out.

    2. Going on a trip by myself.

    3. Going to the gym everyday.

    4. Yoga!

    5. Spend more time cuddling.

  2. Ooooh Jen, try making Mexican style pickled red onions. They are made with orange and lime juice etc…so good! …and sliced cucumber/red onions soaked in vinegar sugar mixture….don’t know that recipe but I’m sure you can find them both online…my grandma used to make it and I loved it. I love pickled foods, glad to hear they are good for me.

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