Lean.Green.Kitchen’s Spring Fling Challenge

  Spring Fling Challenge

Now this is going to be fun! Stay with me while I try to explain it. Beginning April 21st, the Lean.Green.Kitchen will be “hosting” our first reader challenge… The Spring Fling Challenge! We are going to use the boost of energy that comes each spring to “fling” ourselves into living our best life!

Here’s the challenge, should you choose to accept it!

Each day, for 30 days (April 21st – May 20th) you will attempt to complete the following three tasks:

1. Eat a meal of real food made by you (or your family). Better yet, enjoy the real meal sitting at a table. You can choose between breakfast, lunch or dinner and it can be as fancy or as simple as works for you. No processed food or take out food counts. You can determine your definition of processed food. Here are some Beginner Steps to Real Food if you need them. Some people use the 5 ingredient or less rule while others read labels to make sure the ingredients are acceptable to them. I’ll leave that to you to decide, but the meal must be a conscious effort to eat foods from nature, not from laboratories. #realmeal

2. Complete one mini clean-up/clean-out project that will simplify and enhance your daily life. If it is a biggish project, you are encouraged to “chunk” it up and complete it over several days. For me, I’ve been dabbling in the idea of minimalism and simplifying my surroundings, but often get to the end of the day and realize I didn’t make any efforts to move my household in line with these newly developing beliefs. I know of others who wish to do some deep spring cleaning but haven’t quite started yet. This challenge makes it happen. #cleanup

3. Enjoy a self-care moment each day. This can be as simple as going outside and standing still while mindfully breathing or it can be trying that new fitness class you keep putting off. In fact, I have tons of suggestions for this one, because I love making self-care moments and only accomplish them when I plan ahead of time. *Turning off your screens (and phone) early in the evening. *Placing cucumber slices over your eyes while resting for ten minutes on the couch. *Inviting a positive friend over for tea. *Gardening. *Taking a stroll with a loved one. *Going to bed early. *Making something crafty. *Listening to new music. I could really go on and on. But you get to make your own list of options for what sounds like self-care to you. #selfcare

Logging Your Efforts: All Lean.Green.Kitchen community members who are subscribed to my email list will receive a printable Challenge Log that you can print out and complete each day. The subscription box is at the end of this post if you’d like a Challenge Log. (It says “SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG” in big letters down there, you can’t miss it!)

I believe the rewards for this challenge will be many for those who participate. But in addition, I am offering a small lovely prize for the first 100 people (in the United States) who send me their completed log at the end of the challenge. It’s always fun to receive a little reward for successfully committing to something for a month, so why not!

To make this a fun, interactive challenge, I will be posting my meals and activities each day all over social media. I’ll post on Facebook, put up pics on Instagram, and tweet on Twitter. For those of you who don’t do social media, I’ll also post in the comments section of this blog post as well. This is all well and good, but the real fun happens if you all share and inspire too! We can hold each other accountable, steal ideas, lament our failures and salivate over foodie pics together.

Here’s how we can connect on social media:

Facebook: Be sure to “like” Lean.Green.Kitchen at www.facebook.com/leangreenkitchen. With Facebook only showing about 10% of my “fans” my posts in your news feeds, you may need to come over to the Lean.Green.Kitchen FB page to see all the action. If you “like,” comment or share Lean.Green.Kitchen posts you will see more Lean.Green.Kitchen stuff in your newsfeed. That’s just how the algorithm works. :)

Twitter: Be sure to follow Lean.Green.Kitchen at @eatrealgoodfood. I will use the following hashtags and so can you: #lgkspringfling #realmeal #cleanup #selfcare

Instagram: Be sure to follow Lean.Green.Kitchen at @jennkd. I will use the following hashtags and so can you: #lgkspringfling #realmeal #cleanup #selfcare


Pre-Challenge: To get ready, between now and April 21st your Pre-Challenge is to brainstorm possible options for your #realmeal, #cleanup and #selfcare. I recommend printing out your Challenge Log and using the backs of the pages for creating lists of what you’d like to accomplished.

I wavered between calling this a Spring Fling and a Spring Revolution, but in the end I went with “fling” because it represents a short period of enjoyment. This challenge is meant to make you feel better in your body, in your daily life and in the world. Maybe we will become a REVOLUTION, but for now, FLING yourself into make this spring one to remember. Join us! Are you in?

Spring Fling Challenge

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19 thoughts on “Lean.Green.Kitchen’s Spring Fling Challenge

  1. I’m in, for the Spring Fling Challenge, this is just what I need to stay tuned into my good healthy eats, taking care of myself, and fighting my inner clutter bug!

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  3. Hi, I write Spatulas On Parade and in Jan. of this year I went from decadent foods to clean eating/healthy.
    Count me in!
    I found you through Kim over at Sublime Reflection and am part of her FB fitness test group. I look forward to this!!
    Now, off to follow you on social media :)
    Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade recently posted…Tilapia RouladeMy Profile

    • So happy to have you join us!! Let me know your social media details so I can follow you too! Can’t wait for Monday to get this party started. :)

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  5. I’m super excited about this Jenn! You know I’ m attempting to “eat” clean for 30 days, but I like the addition of the “clean-up” miniprojects and the “self care” moments too! I think these will actually be very helpful in motivating and conducive to increasing my ability to stay the course of eating no processed foods for 30 days. Thanks of the invite!

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  7. I hope Day One of the Spring Fling has treated you all well!
    I’m reporting in:
    #realmeal – I enjoyed a beautiful breakfast sitting down at the table. Egg and spinach scramble, orange wedges, toast with local butter, lemon water and homemade kombucha. Delicious!!
    #cleanup – I cleaned out my fridge. It was, um… impacted. Now it is usable and inviting for all my cooking needs!
    #selfcare – I enjoyed a long swim workout today after over a week away. And I enjoyed reading a book on a lounge chair while my kids had swim practice this evening.

    I’m feeling great, just how I imagined day one would feel. I’ve really enjoyed hearing what others are working on for their challenge. Please keep up the sharing!! :)

  8. Day Two of the Spring Fling:
    Wishing everyone the best on their day two. Mine was quite successful!
    #realmeal: I enjoyed a beautiful breakfast of granola with whole milk and a blueberry kefir smoothie (sitting down at the table). Dinner was also a lovely #realmeal of carne asada tacos for Taco Tuesdays. Yummers.
    #cleanup: I took three garbage bags of ill-fitting clothes to the donation center, a job that has needed to be done for months!
    #selfcare: I got back in the weight room for the first time since 2012. Keep it light and tight, but I’ll be sore tomorrow!

    What’d you do today??

  9. Day Three check-in:
    #realmeal: A beautiful breakfast and a family dinner with Baked Chicken Nuggets and crudités all served with homemade BBQ sauce and homemade kefir Ranch
    #cleanup: I deep cleaned my bedroom. It was simply the nicest thing I’ve done for myself all week. I love it!!
    #selfcare: I finished my homemade facial care kit with a clay mask and a facial serum. The mask was amazing!

  10. Day Four check-in:
    #realmeal: A Big Cobb Salad with homemade Pineapple-Strawberry Sorbet for dessert.
    #cleanup: Cleared off the computer desktop!
    #selfcare: Received care for a long time irritating hip issue from a gifted physical therapist. Nice to finally have some idea of what the problem is and a plan to fix it!

    This is so rewarding! Hope everyone else is having moments of success too!

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  12. Day Five Check In:
    #realmeal: Friday Pizza Night with homemade crust

    #cleanup: Wiped down all the kitchen cabinets (that REALLY needed to be done)!

    #selfcare: Called a long lost friend and caught up. So great!

  13. Day Six Check In:
    #realmeal: Salmon with Spring Veggie Pasta, Asparagus and Baked Sweet Potato

    #cleanup: Purged the t-shirt pile. Not much left in there!!

    #selfcare: Took a 10 minute power rest in the middle of the day and read my book for a while before bed. Awwwww. :)

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