Share LOVE not sugar.

share love not sugar

Be a part of the movement this Valentine’s Day (and beyond): Share LOVE not sugar.

Every six and seven-year-old first grader does not have to come home on Friday with 30 pieces of processed junky valentine candy! Let’s change this up.

Really, that little six or seven-year-old would be thrilled with… hugs, kind words, little notes, new pencils, silly jokes, temp tattoos, pet rocks, homemade play-dough, play date invitations, new songs and dances…

Every wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, or dad does not need a huge box of chocolates that you grabbed to fulfill your Valentine’s duty…

If they truly love chocolate, find a beautiful piece of chocolate that is gorgeous beyond all things imaginable (they are out there, I assure you) from a little chocolatier and make it really special. Or make your own sweet healthy Valentine’s treat. Add a love note, some special time, a foot massage, a homemade meal, a special place or song, add some YOU! (And if they don’t love chocolate, skip it and think about what they would really enjoy.)

Every co-worker, friend, teacher, coach does not need heart-shaped candies, grab-a-mini-candy-bar bowl, decorated sugar cookies, dessert buffets, “just a little treat”…

They need your smile, your patience, your time, your understanding, and maybe a little extra Valentine’s gratitude in the form of a call, a text, an email, a note, a hug.

Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be inventive. Be loving. Share LOVE not sugar.

I challenge you to find a special way to show you care without stepping into the candy aisle of Target. And I’m not talking about spending loads of money or time either. You can keep it simple, cheap and fun, I just know you can!

Let’s fill up the comments with many, many ideas for showing our love this Valentine’s Day. Ready. Go. Share LOVE not sugar.

Here are some places to fire up that creativity:

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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