Post Vacation Detox!


Last week I celebrated my birthday at one of my favorite places, Disneyland. No I didn’t turn 12, I am a grown-up. It was awesome, fast-paced and my family had some much-needed high-quality bonding time. I loved everything… except not having access to my home kitchen for real food and maybe my quiet time on the couch in the evenings. So as amazing as it was, I started planning my post vacation detox about two days into the trip.

On said trip, I brought a 40-pound suitcase full of real snacks to keep us on our A-game (or at least B-game), to save some money, and to enjoy our long days. We aimed to buy food with veggies and protein, usually salads, soups and sandwiches. But who knows what was in those salad dressings and I can only assume the meat we ate was – well – gross. On top of the toxins I know we consumed, also impacting our health and well-being were the things we did not eat while vacationing. I missed my kefir and Kombucha every day, as I ate so much dead “food.” I missed greens. I missed my blueberry smoothies with coconut oil.

It’s all good. We were only gone four days, and I came back ready to hop back on the real food train. Here are a few things I did to help my detoxing body out:


1. I drank water with fresh squeezed lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to start out each morning. Hello swamped liver, love you!!

2. I got my over-walked bod back to Bikram yoga as quickly as my over-stimulated feet could get there. I found ways each day to keep moving and get the blood flowing. Hello whirling brain and achy body, love you!

3. I cooked and enjoyed all my meals at home, going big on veggies and fruit and low on sugar and grains. Got my kefir and Kombucha fermenting on the counter as quickly as possible and started gulping down my smoothies. Hello over-worked gut, love you!

4. I went to bed and got some high quality sleep. I diffused lots of essential oils (my big birthday gift to myself!) and made some new face products to hopefully help out my upset complexion. Hello congested skin and frenzied spirit, love you!

Guess what, it worked! I feel great, ready to catch up with everything and enjoy the final year of my thirties. I no longer wish for more energy, I just need more time in each day.

Maybe this spring we could all use a little detox! Feel free to use these strategies for some personal Spring Cleaning! What are you going to do for you body this spring? Game on!!

happy campers

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