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I am filled with gratitude for all of you stopping by this blog, checking it out.  If I were you, I’d be asking myself the question: Is this blog for me?

If any of the following statements resonant with you, I think we’ll get along great and you should stick around:

  • I’m looking for motivation and inspiration for eating less processed foods and more whole foods.
  • I want to find ways to engage my family in eating real foods.
  • I need ideas for what to do with whole foods from the farmers market.
  • I wish for beautiful (do-able) recipes that are nutrient-rich and delicious to augment my (real) good food efforts.
  • I am searching for a friendly community to support my efforts of health and wellness.  People who will root me on, be understanding when I’m struggling, and appreciate my improvements however big or small.

This site is for anyone interested in eating (real) good food.  That includes self-described conscientious omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, paleo devotees, pescetarians, people with food allergies and people who (gasp!) don’t have a label for their eating.  All are welcome here for their commitment to being aware of what they eat.  It takes work not to eat all the processed food that is the American standard diet these days.  Depending on where you live and what your situation/restrictions are, eating well can be filled with challenges and brick walls.  So each of us comes to this site from a different place and with different goals, all that are honored at the Lean.Green.Kitchen.  Here we celebrate whole foods together.

Maybe you are full of other questions too, like “who is this gal?”  or “what is this blog’s vibe going to be?”  Here’s what I know for sure.

I, Jenn, solemnly swear:

  • to be authentically myself.
  • to be fun and light-hearted (no one wants to read a boring blog).
  • to share my successes and failures (failures usually make the better stories anyway).
  • to engage in the clean eating community – local farms, farmers markets, food literacy advocates, food books/movies/blogs, etc.
  • to communicate my wee obsession with real food (and my determination to cram real food into my fast-paced family life).
  • to use my love of written words (and my loose interpretation of punctuation rules) to bring people together (life’s just easier that way).

I, Jenn, solemnly swear:

  • NOT to be a judgey-judgerson who thinks I have all the answers.
  • NOT to get mired down in other people’s food issues.
  • NOT to be overly sensitive regarding those who do not feel the need to read my written words and loose punctuation.
  • NOT to let my ego decide what to blog, but let my heart and soul (and belly) decide – always with an ear towards my readers.

I hope you’ll join me.

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