Happy National Food Day!


What is National Food Day?

From www.FoodDay.org:

Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies.

Food Day aims to help people Eat Real. That means cutting back on sugar drinks, overly salted packaged foods, and fatty, factory-farmed meats in favor of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and sustainably raised protein. Food Day envisions shorter lines at fast-food drive-throughs—and bigger crowds at farmers markets.


What could you do today to honor National Food Day’s mission?

Lean.Green.Kitchen’s Ten Do-able Ideas for Honoring National Food Day:

  1. Find a recipe for something you usually buy processed and make it for yourself.
  2. Include the whole family in making a meal (or even part of a meal).
  3. Do some research to find a better source for a food that you use regularly, such as meats, dairy, local produce.
  4. Ban sugary drinks from today’s menu. Perhaps some “vitamin water” or iced tea?
  5. Make a big batch of a homemade family favorite and freeze half for a hairy evening in the future or give half to a friend who would appreciate it.
  6. Make a big production out of dinner tonight. Set the table with flair, invite everyone to use their best manners, and use the time together to discuss ways your family can Eat Real. Talk about what is in each dish and where it came from.
  7. Find out the Farmers Market days/times in your area and plug it in to your calendar. This week you don’t miss it!
  8. Ask each family member to name their favorite vegetable and make a plan to incorporate it into next week’s meal plan. Bigger kids can be charged with finding a recipe they’d like to try.
  9. Make a big pot of nourishing home-made broth and freeze it by the quart to use throughout fall.
  10. Celebrate your 2013 successes regarding real food. What improvements have you made this year and what are your next steps?



Share what you will do to honor Food Day – in the comments below and with all your friends and family!

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