Halloween Manifesto


Lean.Green.Kitchen’s official Halloween statement:

We at the Lean.Green.Kitchen feel that Halloween is a FANTASTIC holiday, full of traditions, silliness and surprise. We encourage and support creativity, imaginative play, community building and love of seasonal squash, all which are prominent in this holiday’s make-up.

Our little ghosts and goblins look forward to trick-or-treating all year-long and will dazzle the neighbors with their costumes that we have worked on for weeks. Prior to trick-or-treating, they and their friends will enjoy a hearty meal of nutrient-rich foods. We know that, upon return, their bags will be filled up with processed unpronounceable ingredients, corn syruped, overly packaged little pieces of tasty junk. They will delight in sorting it, selecting their favorites, and consuming a few before heading off to their beds to dream sweet Halloween dreams.

We will be handing out glow sticks to treat-or-treaters venturing up to our wickedly decorated porch. It is our hope that in the future more and more households will join us in finding alternate goodies to hand out that don’t support the Corporate Candy Machine. Because truly the holiday is so filled with fun, those bowls of candy are not even necessary.

Halloween is just one example of many where we must find balance between our food philosophy and the culture in which we live. We support the Lean.Green.Kitchen on-line community in making their own decisions about how to navigate their food choices in this world. Lean.Green.Kitchen will continue to advocate for everyone to do what feels right for them.

Resources I highly encourage you to check out:

100 Days of Real Food’s Ideas for Non Candy Hand Outs

Great Round-Up of Halloween Foods from Clean and Scentsible

Beautiful Vegan Halloween Recipes from Oh She Glows

Catherine Burns’ Switch Witch Poem if you are interested in trading candy for a toy

UNREAL Candy: A great option if you want Halloween candy that you can stand behind

Inquiring minds have asked what do we do with our leftover candy after the kids enjoy a few pieces on Halloween. Each person in our family has a small treat box in our cabinet (about the size of a pencil box) and that is how much space treats are allowed to take up in our kitchen for each of us. So all treats from Halloween, the holidays, birthday parties, etc must be stored in the box. (Grown-up boxes seem to fill up with a bag of chocolate chips and guilty pleasures out of the kids’ veto pile.) After trick-or-treating, the kids spend a lot of time deciding on their favorite things that will make the cut for the treat box. Anything left over gets out of the house. Sometimes we donate it to grown-up friends who work in offices that have candy and sometimes I -wait for it- throw it out, usually with a maniacal laugh because it feels so wrong.

Do you have a Halloween Manifesto? What will your family be doing for Halloween?



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6 thoughts on “Halloween Manifesto

  1. JJ picks about 5 favorites and the rest is left out for the Great Pumpkin. In return the Great Pumpkin leaves him a requested toy. Works for our family and Paul helps the GP out by bringing the leftovers to work.

  2. We’ll also pick a few favorites to enjoy! Some dentists are doing candy buy backs, we might check that out! I have a bunch of glow bracelets to hand out. I do think the joy of Halloween is all the preparations – the costumes, decorations, and acknowledging this wonderful change of seasons.

  3. M gets to choose some favorites. The number kept is equal to his age that year. Last year we took the extra to The Children’s Museum in exchange for free admission that day. This year I think he wants to do the candy exchange program he read about at his dentist’s office last week (I might continue having his dentist appointments in October each year now).
    I’m not a big candy fan so a couple of pieces and I’m good for the year. Now, if someone was handing out brownies I’d be in trouble.

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