My friends, it is November!


Welcome to November. Now here is a month I can really get behind. A month famous for gratitude, crispy cool days, a connection to big family, and lots of real real real food.

It is a month where getting more sleep makes complete sense (the cozy bed is calling and the hustle/bustle hasn’t started) and soup – my favorite food of all – is considered good form for every meal. My gosh, for someone who is in love with the color of food, the apples, every kind of squash, citrus, greens, beets, persimmons are just dazzling! Inspiring! Spirit-building! I mean, come on, is there anything more perfectly Pinterest-y than pomegranates?

May a chai tea warm your chilly mornings, a friend/child/pet provide you a snuggle, and a beautiful nourishing soup grace your table as many days as possible in November.

Here are a few things we could do to pull the most out of this month.

  1. Make our own vegetable, chicken and beef broth to provide base after base for the copious amount of soup we’ll be making over the next few months.
  2. Roast some pumpkin seeds.
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Read a book.
  5. Take a walk.
  6. Discover a new seasonal fruit or vegetable and make it a part of a meal.
  7. Make a pie using all real ingredients.
  8. Find a source for meat and dairy that fits with your beliefs for the treatment of animals.
  9. Research sources of produce in line with your beliefs for the treatment of farm workers and sustainability of the Earth.
  10. Be grateful for every meal.
  11. Discover your favorite variety of organic apple. Conduct a family taste test.
  12. Go to bed early a few nights in a row to rediscover what it feels like to be rested.
  13. Purge things you don’t need, use or love out of your home to make breathing space.
  14. Aim to use small amounts of higher quality products instead of overindulging in lesser quality products. (Meat, honey, olive oil quickly come to mind.)
  15. Build up a pantry that can be used to make quick nutrient-rich meals on days when you might normally grab fast/processed food.
  16. Think about your upcoming food traditions. Can you make any changes to them to amp up the nutrients and weed out the processed ingredients?

I’d love to hear your November successes! Please share here or on the Facebook page. Need any help with a November real food situation? Share it with me – I’m happy to be a part of your real food research team!

Hope you all realize how grateful I am for your readership. The Lean.Green.Kitchen community is a safe, positive place for real life people to come together to celebrate the awesomeness of real food. Hope you feel it out there coming through your interwebs!

Much love in November and beyond…


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One thought on “My friends, it is November!

  1. I love this list…so many things on it are good reminders not just for this month, but year round! I would love some extra tips on what to keep in stock in my pantry (in my case, cupboards). Keep in mind I have two slightly picky little eaters & I am a vegetarian full-time working single mom (who, admittedly, isn’t much of a cook). Any words of wisdom you can provide would be much appreciated, my dear!

    Hugs to you & yours during this beautiful season of gratitude.

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