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Howdy everyone! I should be doing last-minute laundry, food prep and reviewing my many packing lists. Of course, I should have been doing these things all week, but I got really involved in a book I was reading, the kids had a bunch of commitments, and I was most definitely procrastinating. I find it to be very challenging for us conscientious/clean eaters to know what to do about a road trip. Especially if you are not a Holly Homesteader who food plans and preps days or weeks in advance routinely. I look forward to the days when I have canned foods in my beautiful dream pantry and frozen meals I’ve made over a long weekend in my shiny deep freezer in my big garage (I currently don’t have a garage or a deep freezer).

Here are the four guidelines I’m following for our six-day road trip adventure.

  1. Understand that we aren’t going to eat like we do at home. Be okay with it – in fact, embrace and enjoy it. For example, today I had a great time picking out some processed foods at Trader Joe’s. Many of my choices are things I wouldn’t normally buy, but they are much better options than anything we’ll find on the road. Convenient food is meant for just these situations, right!?
  2. Have a food plan/menu that includes cleaned-up camping favorites. My self-proclaimed “semi-vegetarian” six-year old’s favorite meal is hot dogs and mac n cheese. So I purchased what I consider a clean option for hot dogs (Applegate) and a mac n cheese (Annie’s) that uses real organic cheese and has no food dyes or additives.
  3. Pack the cooler with as many healthy options as we can cram in there. I went a little crazy on the fruit, veggie slices, organic cheeses, and nuts and nut butters.
  4. Take some of our staples. We are packing our honey, coconut oil, butter from grass-fed dairy, our favorite dark chocolate chips, tea, probiotics and coconut water.

So what do you think? Could I make it all cleaner, sure. But I’m just not there yet, and wonder if I really ever want to get that compulsive. Not sure where this journey will ultimately lead me. For now, I feel like we are balancing the fun of vacation with my goal of providing a base of quality nutrient-rich food to my family so we can be at our best to enjoy our time. Good enough.

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