Five Real Food Changes for 2014

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Last week I reflected on all the real food mini changes I made in 2013 that resulted in a major overall of my kitchen. The changes were slow and steady to avoid becoming overwhelmed (which is the surest way to stop me in my tracks). You can read all about it in my post, Five Real Food Changes I Made in 2013.

This is the post I’ve been excited to write, because I love new years and fresh starts and resolutions. I love that I write lists of things I’d like to do and start all of them with gusto, knowing only a few of them may stick. I ran a marathon once because of a new year’s resolution, completed a triathlon, got out of debt, ordered my first farm box, got a cat, decided it was time for a baby, went to culinary school… you see where I’m going with this. If I can use this resolution-y magic in the late December air for my personal good, where’s the harm? Notice I didn’t mention all the things on past resolution lists that I never achieved. That’s because I don’t even remember them. It, apparently, wasn’t meant to be!

My new year’s resolutions are many, so here are the five real food changes that made the list.

  1. Clean up the condiments. The refrigerator reflects all the work we’ve done to clean up our food and kick processed food out. Except when your eye shifts to the door shelves. The condiments have changed brands, gone organic even in many cases, but still are filled with too much sugar and preservatives. I made BBQ sauce for Christmas Eve dinner and it was easy and delicious, so what’s holding me back? Mayo will be the hardest, because it really can’t be made in advance. But it is the most important to me, because I cannot find a version that is made without canola or soybean oil.
  2. Eat less wheat. Choose sprouted and fermented wheat whenever possible. Even though our family doesn’t seem to have a gluten intolerance, I can’t find any reason for continuing to eat wheat as a main staple in our diet. It is hard on digestion and supports inflammation. This change is the mini step to eliminating wheat and maybe even most grains. Just beginning my research into all of this.
  3. Increase daily vegetable consumption. We are a fruit first household, and I’m surely the driving force behind this. It helps me not miss sugar so much. But reflecting back, we need to increase our vegetable intake. ┬áThe kids (and I) will happily eat veggies if they are ready to eat on a snack tray. So we need to make that a new habit. Sneak them in and keep it easy, that’s the plan. In addition, I’m going to make salads for myself for lunch ahead of time. If I could grab a salad ready to go out of the fridge, I’d be thrilled.
  4. Find a local raw milk source. This one has been challenging me for a long time. I’m really hoping 2014 is the year we find a raw milk connection that works for us. If this happens I want to make my own cheese. Now we are really shooting for the stars!!
  5. Perhaps my strangest goal for the year is to stop using harsh chemicals on my skin. I’m hoping to use my real food knowledge and pantry to overhaul my bathroom cabinet. From hair care to facial care, dental care to make-up, I’ve got lots to work on with this one. In 2013 I started making my own deodorant and began using coconut oil for lotion to support my internal detox. It opened my eyes to how many chemicals I use externally every day. Here’s to externally detoxing in 2014!

Do you have any mini real food changes on your resolution list this year? I hope you make Lean.Green.Kitchen a part of it! Happy New Year everyone. I wish for health and happiness for all of us.

Green Juice Shots all around… Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Five Real Food Changes for 2014

  1. Here’s to Healthy living….clink! I’m looking forward to your blog in 2014. You inspire me to be a healthier version of myself… Thanks for that!

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