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The Lean.Green.Kitchen is where you’ll find real food inspiration and be part of an amazing community of people working to change the way humans eat for the better.
Welcome to the Lean.Green.Kitchen!  Let's eat (real) good food together.

Welcome to the Lean.Green.Kitchen! Let’s eat (real) good food together.

Thanks for checking on me!
  • My name is Jenn and I’m a Northern California gal.
  • Big fan and advocate of healthy, delish farm fresh food
  • Owner/Chef of the Lean.Green.Kitchen
  • Life Coordinator/Coach for two big personalities (in little but growing bodies)
  • Partner/Life Traveler with an amazing, kind man
  • Mover (run, bike, swim, yoga), Shaker (impromptu dance party participant), Creative Thinker, Over Scheduler
  • Family Friendly, Wannabe Meditator (ohm-ohm), Tongue Tied, Peace Lover, Book Reader, Inspiration Seeker, Human Being.
  • Lover of lists, parenthesis and informal speech. (This is just a friendly warning.)
  • The Lean.Green.Kitchen aims to be an authentic, humorous, friendly voice and resource in the real food community.  You just let me know if I’m successful!
  • Let’s eat (real) good food together!


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**If you live in the Sacramento region of California and are interested in learning more about my small food business, the Lean.Green.Kitchen, please click here for more information.**




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